Wendelin Russell

Inner Beauty Express on Canvas

In each Painting I play with Color, Light and Texture. Every piece imbued with reflective colorful Light Writings

I like to begin with a chat. This can be a with a cup of tea in person, on the phone or a Zoom call. 

I begin each painting process with a prayer to invite divine collaboration with your own Higher Self. And I set the intention to become an instrument through which your Soul can reflect and awaken greater Self-Knowing within you. This ritual then sets the tone for the entire undertaking. 

To prepare to do the work, I clear my energy and strengthen my grounding with Earth energy. I also clear the energy in my studio. And I invoke the intention to be ‘self-emptied and Spirit-filled’ so that I may be a fully available instrument for this sacred work.

I ask inwardly, ‘What healing needs to take place now to jog your soul’s memory of your contract and your sacred work here?’ And I  will invoke the intention that the entire process of creating your Soul Portrait be accomplished through divine inspiration for your Highest Good and for my own.

I place my hands upon the canvas to sense what is seeking to emerge through and on it. Then, I dip my brush in gold ink and begin to inscribe the dynamic energy insignias that inform the first layer of the painting. These inscriptions are a response to the impulse of Spirit coursing through me when I contemplate your Soul energy.

I see the symbols that come through me as packets of energy that distill esoteric knowledge. Like a dream, these kinetic glyphs are open to multiple interpretations. And while the mind is always seeking to ‘understand,’ the real value will come from quieting the mind and opening the heart to allow the messages within the images to shimmer into your consciousness.

When this step is complete, I will photograph the sacred writing and send the image to you for your own contemplation. In some people’s portraits, this light writing shows through the subsequent layers of paint while in others they disappear from view beneath the paint yet energetically inform and enrich the work as it evolves.

Following this step I am usually drawn to begin with one or two strong primary colors and shapes that feel like your energy to me. I continue this process over a period of hours, days and possibly weeks until I sense the work has reached completion as a visual summation of my experience of your energy. Even then I ask if there is one more stroke of color or texture that needs to be added to achieve completion. Once I know with certainty that the work is complete, I sign and date the back of the canvas.

I offer 2 sizes of canvas. 24x24x2 or 36x36x2. The painting can take up to six weeks to complete. 

I perform  energy work and an initiative reading, I like performing the energy work by distance at night while you sleep. I can, also, do the intuitive reading at night and report back to you. Or we can do the reading by phone or person. 

The Cost is $495 for 24x24x2 and $1100 for 36x36x2 ready to hang canvas. The price includes: A digital print of the first layer Light Writings on your canvas, Body Energy Work, An Intuitive Reading and shipping.