Wendelin Russell

Soul Portraits

Soul Portraits

What Would Your Inner Light Look Like?

Your Inner Beauty on Canvas are a sacred art form, they are visual reminders for you to see beyond appearances into the heart and core of your BEing. I ask to become a Soul messenger so that those who wish to see themselves reflected in a clearer mirror, can have a lasting impression on canvas of the deeper mystery of their being. 

You are so much more beautiful than you appear --- both to your own eyes and to the eyes of those who love you most. You embody an eternal light that you may have glimpsed upon occasion. It is who and what you truly are --yet what you rarely remember and so often doubt.  Let's begin the journey.


The Experience

The Experience of gazing at the Portrait allows calmness to sweep through you and triggers a sense of knowing. The Soul Portraits reveal your essence, your Inner Beauty. They are  a visual reminder of you to relax and BE. The Light Writings are expressions from the Source of all Blessings. The messages are not for the intellect to figure out but allow the symbols shimmer into your consciousness. 

You are a Work of Beauty! Embrace It!

The Process

As I begin the painting, I connect at a heart and soul level with you. Each painting session begins with an Invocation for the Highest Good for all. I then start to see colors, light, shapes and textures. And just as we are each composed of layers of cells and their membranes, veins and arteries, organs and systems, I am intuitively guided to spontaneously paint in overlapping patterns of color, texture, rhythm and design. Ultimately, the portrait paints itself. I continue until I am done. 



Are you Ready?

Yes! There is a genuine excitement about seeing your energy imprint.

Every painting, every process and every story behind the painting is unique.

When you commission your Soul Portrait from me, we enter into a sacred agreement and a powerful communion in which you open to allow me to intuit and portray your inner essence on canvas. My intention and invocation when we embark upon this journey together is that the synergy of symbols, colors, gestures and textures that I am drawn to assemble on the canvas may ultimately call you forth into the greater recognition and embodiment of your True Self and Life Purpose. 

So,are you ready?  Learn more below.