Wendelin Russell

The Light Nexus

What is The Light Nexus?

Light has many meanings and vibrations. The Light Nexus connects to the Core of who you are through The Language of Light. It creates bonds to yourself and to each other. It is a gathering.of Divine Light and Inner Light. 


Your Personal Light Message

The Language of Light works in mysterious ways. The message is specifically for you. The Light Language is written on one side of heavy card stock postcard size paper. On the back side is the message in English. You can carry this message everywhere or put on your alter. Plus, you will can add to receive an ethereal voice healing MP3 recording that you can play over and over again.

The Language of LIght Nexus.jpg

Intuitive Readings

The intuitive readings can be on Zoom. In a 45 minute session you will receive an energy clearing and a reading. Plus you will receive a "Personal Light Message" card and a personal sound message.


Language of Light ebooks

This is the beginning of a series of Light Language Books. The first is Gratitude. Inside, the book offers meditative messages and to  ten paintings with Light Writings to gaze and contemplate. They are designed for deep soul healing and opening the heart.